2024 Outlander PHEV

2024 Outlander PHEV

We recently purchased a brand new 2024 Outlander PHEV from this dealership. From the first point of contact with Riley to the actual vehicle delivery, everything was smooth and straight forward.

Like every other dealerships, they do apply to market adjustment fee but unlike other dealerships, they do not try to hide it. While it’s certainly not something I was happy with, it all comes to supply and demand. Then supply is high and demand is low, customers don’t complain about buying a car under MSRP, so I understand their position.

For the trade in value, if applicable, do your research beforehand. If you know what your car is worth, how much it re-sales for, you should be able to get what you’re expecting or really close. Keep in mind that not having to bother to list it and sell it yourself, deal with any after-sale complaints etc has a cost you need to factor in. We got exactly the amount we were looking for, after one round of typical negotiations.

At the end of the day, the right price is when both the customer and the dealership agree on a deal. I cannot speak yet about their service department. But all I know is that they were able to mount our winter tires on super short notice so that we would able to drive our brand new car safely home.

Thank you Riley (cheers!), Anton, Brian and Matt for taking the time to respond to our endless questions, listen to our concerns and get us the car we wanted in timely fashion at the right price. Building trust with customers is sometimes not a winner on short term but will always rewards you long term. Getting a lot of compliments on our new car and will definitely send you over referrees 🙂